About Us

Hi Minna-santachi and welcome on our website !!

We are the first Manga Café in Israel (on his way to open) !

But first, what is a Manga Café ? 

In Japan it is called a Mangakissa  (漫画喫茶, マンガ喫茶  “kissa” being short for “kissaten” which means “tea room” in japanese). Basically its a is a kind of café in where people can read manga/comics and relax.

In Japan : reading manga in a cafe has long been a popular Japanese pastime, and it has now just been elevated to the next level. Manga Cafes are not much like our standard idea of a cafe, however, most offering guests private individual booths and the option to stay for between 30 minutes and all night long.

History :

The first Mangakissa was started in 1979 in small coffeeshop based in Nagoya, Tokyo and is still running with 300 coffeeshop chain today ! Other brands have been created and it is estimated today more than 3000 the number of Manga Cafés in Japan ! Little by little, they’ve replaced all of the Cyber Café ! As we said earlier, it is a place where oneself can relax by finding tranquility and enjoy a large library of manga and comics (free of charge) ! The offered services vary from one manga cafe to an other, but Internet access, a library of  Manga and unlimited drinks are the basics ones !

Why Israel ?

Beside being the Promised Land for many, the startup Nation for others, Israel is more and more open to many things from the rest of the world! And like many other countries it is falling to a very nice “virus” :  Manga !

More and more are into Manga, Anime and Japanese Culture (cosplay, food, sports, arts, etc) ! But even with the increasing of the demand we can’t count on that many Manga shop (I counted 2 in Tel Aviv and one in the North of the country). Another thing to point is that there are NO publishing house that does Mangas or Comics in hebrew !

Faced with the rapid increase in recent years in the number of manga published and their prices (between 50nils up to 100nils a manga), it becomes difficult to follow all the series desired. The only solution is often to read secretly in the aisles of department stores or going on Internet.

That is WHY the opening of a Manga Café in the heart of Israel is essential for everyone who wants to enjoy holding a manga in it’s hand !


Manga Café Israel will take after his Japanese big brother and adapt it’s model to our occidental/oriental culture !

Indeed, will be available, at will, manga (and later comics), drinks (hot and cold), Internet and video games.

The manga library of our Manga Café will be the largest and most complete existing in Israel ! As you can see in our Instagram we started building it (Naruto, One Piece, Death Note, Boku no Hero, A silent Voice, etc.) ! Soon enough, you will be able to find next to the newest series, the most rare and oldest ones !

Also our menu will be completed with the usual café afuh, café shahor, tea and all kind of snacks and lunch box etc…

A Video Game space will be add to the concept with a playstation and Xbox and many games !!

Many Events and animations will liven up the life of our Manga Café !

We hope to see you all soon!