Our Manga Library

Here you will find a list of every collection we have and collections we are waiting for to arrive !

 Name  Creator Category  Total Volumes  In Library
 Naruto Masashi Kishimoto SHÔNEN 72 Volumes 27 volumes (on going)
 One Piece Eiichirô Oda SHÔNEN 89 volumes 23 Volumes (on going)
 Death Note Tsugumi Ôba & Takeshi Obata SHÔNEN 13 Volumes 13 Volumes
 A Silent Voice Yoshitoki Ôima SHÔNEN 7 Volumes 7 Volumes
 Boku No Hero Academia  Kōhei Horikoshi SHÔNEN 18 Volumes (on going) 10 Volumes (on going)
 Attack on Titan  Hajime Isayama SHÔNEN 25 Volumes (on going)  8 Volumes (on going)
 Full Metal Alchemist  Hiromu Arakawa SHÔNEN  27 volumes  27 volumes
BLEACH Tite Kubo SHÔNEN 74 volumes 21 volumes (on going)
RUROUNI KENSHIN Nobuhiro Watsuki SHÔNEN  28 volumes  14 volumes (on going)